Penn's Blend CBD Flower

PENN'S BLEND CBD flower includes a mix of HHF grown Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom high CBD varietals. Penn's Blend CBD flower tests over 14% CBD with virtually no THC (<0.05%) and high levels of caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene and bisabolol.

CBD Flower Strain Information:
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage: Berry Blossom x Cherry Wine
Aroma: Mint, earthy
Feeling: Relief, relaxation

Product Information:
Type: CBD flower derived from Industrial Hemp.
Quantity: 20 G
Notes: Machine trimmed (wet blade) at harvest then dried and cured. Flower contains stems and seeds.

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
14.1% CBDA
0.2% CBD
0.05% delta-9 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)

3.36 mg per g Myrcene
2.47 mg per g Caryophyllene
0.90 mg per g Humulene
0.37 mg per g Bisabolol
0.27 mg per g Pinene

Safety Tests:
Pesticides – PASS
Microbials – PASS
Mycotoxins – PASS
Heavy Metals – PASS
Foreign Matter – PASS

SKU: pennsblend/buds-1.5

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